If you need to rent a minibus with a local driver who knows his way around in Bucharest or any other city, whether it is only for a few hours or for the whole day, we provide minibuses and buses with air conditioning and the latest security systems for various tours.

Find the best complete package including a driver that has a great training and experience that can ensure the comfort, safety, discretion and punctuality you want in your business trips or holidays.

For any business trip, event or holiday, we suggest you choose our car rental with a driver service. Here are our services:

  • * minibus rental with driver for festive occasions such as weddings, private parties and other events;
  • * rent a car with driver will take you safely to your destination and back, even if the trip is scheduled in another city;
  • * quick and prompt rental van for employees of the companies that organize team building in the country and abroad;
  • * fast service and prompt transfer of children to/from kindergarten and various activities outside kindergarten;
  • * quick and prompt service to transfer students to/from school and to/from afterschool;
  • * travel services at sports competitions as participant or as spectators. We provide free transport for your sports equipment (eg. cycling and mountain biking competitions, ski equipment, etc.);
Depending on the trip you can have one or two drivers available.
Everything you need to do is to book us through our booking page or tell us by email or telephone the date, time and place of departure, the route chosen by you, the approximate time of use of the car and the car type you want to travel with. Our driver will always be ready to offer support.


Prices include VAT, fuel, road tax and insurance. Our prices are expressed in EURO/per car.

X 15 EUR/H (min.4 hrs) OR
110 EUR/day (150km included or 8 hrs)
X 140 EUR/day (150km included or 8 hrs)


X 15 EUR/hr or 0,5 EUR/km
X 20 EUR/hr or 0,7 EUR/km

For trips outside the city that are more than one day, the price of the trip adds up the accommodation and per-diem of 15 EURO/day for each driver.
If the meals and accommodation are provided by the customer, we do not charge any additional fees.
Maximum driving schedule is 10 hours for each driver.

For international trips there are additional fees for special taxes (eg. bridges, tunnels) and vignettes. The price of the vignettes differ depending on the country and the time of the journey.

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Please read carefully the conditions of a booking on our terms of use page.